Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First post

First, before I get any flack about the title of my blog. The sayings "church ain't out till the fat lady sings..." or "the opera ain't over till the fat lady sings" are not negative sayings. They are popular colloquialisms that are used when a team is down by a lot and looks to be destined to lose or when it seems that a situation is destined to end badly. The sayings are used to say Hey, wait, this could turn around and you would hate it if you missed the ending.

I chose it as the title for my blog because it has always seemed to be appropriate to my life. Also, I just love the sound. I am using Thinks instead of sings. With all honor and respect to the late Dr. John Mizell (voice teacher extraordinaire) no one wants to hear me sing. But i think a lot about a lot of things. My late husband, Mr. Bill, used to laugh (yes, I know some men who are alive) at me. I thought a boutique geared toward items for women of size was a possible business idea. I wanted to name it "The Fat Lady's Things" because i thought it would be a great advertising slogan to have ads that said "The shopping ain't over until...The Fat Lady's Things". Mr. Bill didn't think it was clever.

Yes, I consider myself the fat lady. Yes, i know that sounds negative. But, to me it makes me think of the fat ladies in the opera, most famously Brunhilde from Gotterdammerung. The soprano singing the part is usually a strong, buxom, woman of size because they need the lungs to sing a 20 minute aria. In Norse mythology the Valkyries were a band of beautiful women warriors sent from Odin. The rode on winged horses, and they came to the battlefield to claim the bravest of the dead soldiers to become warriors for Odin.

So, yes, I am the Fat Lady, always have been. My situation seems to be desperate right now, but It ain't over til the fat lady thinks...

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