Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So Small So Big

My world has gotten smaller and smaller lately. I haven't been able to save enough money (and I have some dear friends who have helped) to get my car tagged and repaired, so we don't get out much. It seems as if our life is on hold, because getting out and about has always been a way for us to work on my sons social skills.

On the other hand, my world is very BIG. It is amazing to this child of the 1950's that I have 'friends' and acquaintances all over the world. I write a blog post and people in Russia, Finland, Indonesia, and China read it. Kind of mind boggling when I think of it.

How awesome is it that I have friends that I can keep in touch with every day, just at the touch of a keyboard and yet, I haven't seen a friend in person in a while. What an odd world we have created.

Not saying it is a bad thing, just thinking out loud. It is actually a very good thing that I am able to interact with people online. If it weren't for cyber connections I would be a hermit living in a cave, and that is not a good thing. Connection is the thing that keeps me going. I participate on a Weight Watchers message board, I spend time on facebook in groups and with friends. These things keep me supported, encouraged and feeling loved.

"When just being together is more important than what you do...you are with a friend."~~Anonymous~~

This is what my cyber friends are for me.We all know those times when we just spend time not doing anything with our friends. Those are times of mutual rest, relaxation, and contentment, and they are so nice. We all need to have those times when we are able to be quiet together. We are just here to share our days. Some days we deal with big important issues, some days we are just silly, some days, we just share the details of our day, and we know that no matter what we share, someone is glad to see that we posted. Just glad to share the same space with us. Doesn't matter that we are from all over the world, different faiths, different life experiences. Just matters that we came here and spent the time to post. Someone cares that I exist, it says to us when we get a word of encouragement, love, and support.

So, today,which is my wedding anniversary and I am nostalgic, I am loved and supported. That is a very BIG thing in a very Small world.

Peace and Blessings,

p.s. I hate asking, but if you feel led to help get that car fixed there is a paypal button over there on the right.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tools of thought

Today's quote...
"We have the tool of thought within us to create a thousand joys or
a thousand ills."~~James Allen~~

When we choose how we react to situations and things and people around us we are using that tool. We can use our thoughts to create positive ways of reacting to the circumstances we are surrounded with, or we can use that tool of thought to create negative response.

I was reading something on a message board, a very nice article on steps you can take to lower stress. Then along came the poster who said "None of this works when you have a life as stressful as mine" and then she laid out a tale of woe. Posters responded with really good thoughtful ways she could let go of some of the things that were stressing her out, and of course she couldn't hear any of it. It was apparent to everyone but her that her woes weren't as big and bad as she thought they were, and that she was actually creating some of them with her negative thoughts. She was using the tool of thought to create a thousand ills.

Sad really, someone gets really good loving advice and chooses to stay stuck in their misery. Living in the moment allows us to capture those thoughts, choose how to react, and use that tool of thought to create a thousand joys. Imagine what a great day this will be if you experience a thousand joys, or a hundred joys, or ten joys, or one joy created by using the tool available to you. Using your tool of thought today, choose to live in joy.

I know I am working on it.

Peace and Blessings,


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Today's quote...
Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.~~John Lubbock~~

What a lovely quote, reminding us that rest is something to be sought after. Something to be cherished, and used as a part of our spiritual practices. As children we knew the value of resting in the summer grass, watching the clouds moving across the sky, allowing our minds to flow with changing shapes. Our imaginations taking us to places of adventure. Sailing away on the cloud that looked like a pirate ship, riding the horse shape cloud across the sky, mounting up with the birds as we watched them soar. And as our imaginations soared our dreams took shape. As we lay in the grass on a summers day we heard the sounds around us, savoring them, because the sounds of summer, the crickets chirping, the birds singing, the children screaming in laughter as they play their summer games, the sound of the ice cream truck playing its simple tune bringing refreshment to hot and thirsty children, the sounds of summer are just for that season, and we savor the fleeting joy that will sustain us through the winter.
The memories of a summer afternoon spent picnicking can get us through many a dreary day. The sense memory of the salt and butter dripping from your chin as you relish an ear of fresh corn roasted to perfection, the sweet cold delight of watermelon juice dripping down you elbows as you sit on the sand. All of these things are important as we go through our day to day existence. Rest creates sense memories that we can call on in an hour of stress and weariness. Remember, take a break today, rest a few minutes, refreshing your body, mind and spirit. Take a few minutes to walk barefoot, if not literally, then in your memories from youth, enjoy the sounds and scents that surround you, and save them up for the day you will need them later. Relax, Enjoy, and don't feel one twinge of what needs to be done in that time, because you are doing an important necessary job for your spirit.

Peace and Blessings,