Saturday, August 20, 2011


LOOK, I have redecorated!!

Well, when I say I have, I mean to say that I won a blog makeover many months ago from my dear friend Paige's blog The Nurse Mommy The contest was for a makeover from Virtual Serendipity So the lovely folks at Virtual Serendipity hooked me up with Margaret   , VOILA, I have a new look!!! Well, it wasn't exactly voila, Margaret was EXTREMELY patient with me, and so easy to work with. When we started the process last weekend, I had no idea what I wanted, but eventually it hit me, and Margaret got it right immediately!! THANK YOU Margaret!!
Thank you Paige for running really cool contests on your really cool blog, Thank you Visual Serendipity for hooking me up with Margaret!

The clay piece pictured in the header is the storyteller sculpture that my son did in elementary school. It represents who I am these days and it reminds me of how incredible his mind and imagination have always been!

So, hopefully, working on the design has reminded me that I enjoy sharing my stories here, and will give me the kick in the backside I need to get back to doing it regularly!

Peace and Blessings,

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The Muse said...

Love the sculpture...and love you and your new look!

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