Friday, September 26, 2014

This is a MOM brag

I have a son who is blessed with autism. He is also a BIG guy, all 6'7" of him.

Because of his autism, behavior issues are interesting to say the least. Unfortunately he is also my child, and inherited my weight issues.Getting him to eat better has been a challenge, not only does he have an autistic really picky palate, he has Crohn's disease.As his mom, I have to gently guide and steer and quite frankly just hope for the best most times.

So...this happened...

When we were out running errands I noticed he was having problems keeping his shorts up. Now, I have noticed he has lost weight-I've been working towards that- but it's not something I can actually directly discuss with him.

So, when we got home from our errands, he had both hands full as he tried to open the door to the building. One of those hands had been holding up his shorts, so his shorts fell down. Thank Goodness he had on good underwear (and no one else was outside) when he mooned the neighborhood.

Now, I have been aware that he had lost weight, I just didn't know how much weight he had lost--and in the grand scheme of things it wasn't important enough to talk him into getting on the scale, which is something he has an aversion to.

BUT, while I was tightening the elastic on his shorts, I-in my, I am not new at this mom of a person with autism stuff-coerced him into getting on the scale.

NOW, comes the Mom brag. Without putting him on a diet, without nagging, or discussing his weight, with modeling healthy eating and being open to discuss my own journey I have managed to help guide my son to healthier habits.

My son got on the scale...and even he was impressed...

He has lost 79 pounds in the last year and a half.

He is still a big guy, but like his mom he is no longer obese!!

I am in awe of him. One more reason why he is my hero!

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