Friday, April 8, 2011


My son suggests that my 'Post Menopausal Memory Loss' is also my exercise program. He may be right,  just a couple of mornings ago I looked for my coffee cup in every room in the house, including the was sitting next to the coffee pot!

Just today, I went to the basement to start a load of laundry.I turned on the washer, added the soap, and shut the lid. The basket with laundry in it was still in my bedroom. I make many more trips up and down the basement steps, or from room to room than I used to. I get up from my desk, walk into the kitchen with determination, only to end up going back to my desk determined to remember what it was I wanted.

So this morning I am thankful for memory loss. In all things give thanks! All things work for good. Since my mobility is becoming more and more limited, I am thankful for the extra steps I am able to take while looking for...what was it I am looking for?

I talk to myself more these days. I think it also has to do with my memory loss. If as I am walking from my desk to the kitchen I say out loud "I am going to get a cup of coffee" then when I get tot he kitchen and can't remember what I came in here for, if William is in the room I can ask him, since he would have heard me talking to myself. Am I losing you, because it makes perfect sense to me!!

So this morning I am thankful that I am in the habit of talking to myself out loud.

Well, except I woke up yesterday morning with laryngitis. It is something that happens to me every year for a few days, like the first robin, my allergies are a harbinger of spring. But, I am going to say Thank you, Most High, for truly this means that Spring is here. Today, I give thanks for being unable to speak above a whisper.

Sometimes when we are surrounded by problems, we forget to be thankful. I know I do. I get all stressed out, wrapped up in worry. Problems don't get solved by worrying. I know that, you know that, and yet most of us worry when we are faced with problems. I have been blessed with adversity all of my life. Literally since before I was born, and still this is one of  the spiritual truths my Creator has to teach me over and over again. Fortunately my Higher Power has an amazing amount of patience.

And for that, I am truly thankful!!


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