Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Today is Sunday, and for many it is a day of rest. When I was working I chose Sunday and Wednesday as my days off. I think most of  my co-workers thought that i chose those days to attend religious services. But that isn't why. I chose those days because my husband was off on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday and I wanted to have a day off with my family. But I chose to work on Saturday so that my husband and  my son could have a day together, and my husband could choose to have some 'me time' and I chose to be off on Wednesday so that my son and I could have that day together and I could find some 'me time'. It worked out perfectly for our family. From those choices came the tradition that is still celebrated by my son and I. We call it Library Day. In our house Library day is still on Wednesday. Just out of habit.

Now on Library day we do much more than go to the Library, although that is the most important thing we do. We also run a few errands-that midweek stop at the grocery for milk, fresh produce, etc. We occasionally have a lunch date, and I have Mom time. Mom time means that I am allowed to choose what is watched on TV, or if the TV is even turned on-I am not a big TV watcher so many Wednesdays it isn't. Now you  may wonder since I am no longer working, why we choose to still have a Library day. I think it is because for us traditions are important.

I think that creating traditions is an important thing for everyone. Traditions are a way of keeping alive memories, a way of celebrating who and what you are and where you have come from. Do you have traditions in your life? Most of us have traditions that we reach for once a year or so. Those tied to days like Christmas, or Easter, or Halloween. Those traditions that decree this is the way we do it because this is the way we have always done it. Those are important, but smaller traditions are important to. Having a Library day every week gives us something to look forward to. Even when life is beating up on us, we know that we have a time to look forward to. It is always important to have something good to look forward to. We know that no mater what is happening, on Wednesdays we take time out to spend time together. I will take time for myself, giving my son time for his interests.

I have other habits that I would consider traditional for me. It is my habit to wake up just before sunrise. In the warm months of the year, I will spend that time on the deck, sharing with the birds and squirrels that time in the morning when brother sun is changing night time into daytime. I love that time of day. Just before you can see the sun break over the horizon the birds send up a wonderful cacophony of song that signals the suns arrival. It is a time of praise and worship with all of creation.I look forward to this time of day. Even when life is at its most difficult, that moment in the morning says to me that all shall  be well, and I am free to join with the winged ones in exulting our Creator at the start of a new day.Sing praises to the One who created it all.

Personal traditions can help us get through the hard times. It is always easier to get through a difficult situation hen you have something to look forward to. Something that reminds you that life has not always been this hard. Remind you that there have been good days,and give you reason to look forward to good things to come. Personal traditions can be as simple as spending quiet time Sunday morning reading the paper, or having a day reserved for heading to the library with your son. Traditions, a reminder that life is good.That our Creator is here with us. A reminder that Life is Good, God is Good, All is well.

Just some things I was thinking about on this quiet Sunday morning. Wishing you all a time of reflection today.

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