Friday, February 25, 2011

A little drop of courage

So, this morning I was meditating, praying and seeking guidance from my Higher Power. There are some really difficult challenges and obstacles in my life right now, and I spend as much time as I can meditating, listening for the voice that has never let me down. Sometimes, I hear the voice out loud, sometimes I have to listen really hard.

Many times Spirit has send me encouragement. This morning my encouragement came from an interesting source.This morning I have a bit of a tickle in my  throat. So I reached for a cough drop. Now the brand of cough drops I picked up a few weeks ago is the one whose commercials have been promising a pep talk in every drop. The wrappers of each drop have little sayings on them. Just short, quick little pep talks...
Bet on yourself.
Turn can do into can did.
Seize the day.

Well, you get the idea. So today when I grabbed a drop as I started to unwrap it I  noticed a saying I hadn't seen before...You've survived tougher...and it really just hit me between the eyes! Like it was written just for me to see today. Just three little words, You've survived tougher. I stopped and thought and immediately felt stronger.

Now, as I look at those 3 words, I wonder which way I should approach. If I think of it as meaning that I have survived things that were a lot harder. My current circumstances are still part of the consequences of my husband being killed by a drunk driver.  So, yes I have survived the unexpected loss of my spouse. I survived the next year when it seemed as if everything that could go wrong did. I am struggling to remain afloat financially while I find a way to move forward and take care of us.

In my life, I have survived many things, an abusive childhood, years lost to drugs and alcohol and the less than intelligent choices made then, health concerns, poverty, etc. I have survived more things than most people ever encounter. As I look back on those things, I remember a time when it was all I could do to survive. But then, there came a time in my life when it became important to me to do more than survive. It was a matter of surviving and thriving.So, now as I see those 3 words I see them with different meaning. I have survived, tougher. That old saying,"what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" really does come into play as you move through the challenges and obstacles that life throws your way.

As you face each challenge or obstacle you will have to find a way through. Perhaps you will have to find a way over, under, or around. You may just have to breakthrough. As you are in the midst of each challenge, you sometimes forget that you have the skills to overcome. That is when you need a little reminder, a dose of courage from outside yourself, and Creator is so good at finding imaginative, inventive ways of sending you that little bit of encouragement. A call or note from a friend, a souvenir sitting on a desk, or even the wrapper from a cough drop. You've survived tougher, and because you have, you will survive this!! 

Peace and Blessings,

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Roy Durham said...

may god be with you he is your strength. hi ester just drop in to say hi good post keep writing.

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