Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Totally Random Thouhgts

First, I was in a really cranky mood when I posted on Sunday. As I read what I wrote it appears that I was feeling quite sorry for myself for a few minutes. So, I poured that pity into a post and hit publish! But, amazingly, someone let me know how much they were helped by what I wrote. I have to attribute that totally to the working of Most High.

Here I was feeling sorry for me. Here I was wallowing in a pity party, and Spirit was able to use those words to reach something in someone else. Wow! I am so humbled by the fact that when you allow yourself to be used of Spirit, even your pity party can be of use!

We woke up this morning totally socked in with fog. As I looked out the windows I could only see fog. With a fleeting glance, I could imagine that we had been transported to living inside a cloud where the rest of the world had disappeared. How many times have I cried out for the things of the world to disappear. The worries, the stresses, the problems. Take them away. And there it was, all gone, but instead of feeling better I felt closed in. So perhaps I need to start praying for the strength and wisdom to deal with the problems, rather than for the problems to go away.Lessons, every where you look!

The lesson from the Elders recently was this..."Sometimes, life is very simple, but it is we two-leggeds,we who are thought to be smart that make it complicated."~Larry P. Aitken, CHIPPEWA from Meditations with Native American Elders.

This is such a profound truth in such a simple sentence. Life is not all that complicated. We make it so. We make it complicated in so many ways. Sometimes we complicate life by allowing fear to com in to our thinking. I know that is an issue for me. I can't be the only one! Fear is the mindkiller. If you read Science fiction you will recognize that as the mantra of a group of strong women from the Dune series. Such a basic truth, fear is the mindkiller. When the spirit of fear rules us, we can't think straight. We think wrong things and get stuck where we are because we are afraid to take the next step. Fear must not rule, we must that remember that we are each one of us special. Now that doesn't mean we are better than anyone else, or that any one else is better than us. It means that we must remember that it is Creator that has made us special, and that we do not have to choose to allow fear to work in us. It is our choice. We can choose to live a simple life. Simple doesn't mean poor, it means keeping our mind and spirit focused on the things that matter, and when it comes right down to it, not a whole lot matters. If we keep our focus on the things that our God has told us to do, it really does become quite simple. The Christian sacred literature tells us that all that is required is to Love God,the who pretty much tells us over and over to keep it simple. The requirements are simple, seek justice, love kindness and walk humbly. Nothing in there about choosing fear, so we can choose to step out and live simple.

It always seems to come back to choices, doesn't it?

Choose well today! I know I am going to try to!

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